Here Are 5 Ways You Can Feed Your Dog Medicine When They Won't Listen!

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Feed Your Dog Medicine When They Won't Listen!

At some point in every pup’s life, they will be required to take some form of medication or medicine, often in pill form.

It would be great if they gulped them down easily, but that’s usually far from the case – the bad smell and taste of the pills is enough to turn any pup off! So how can you make the process easier? Here are five ideas to try!

1. Let the stomach do the talking

Wait until your pup is hungry before you offer the medicine to then. If they really want food, they may be impulsive and decide to try anything you give them!

2. Two’s a company

Some pups may feel more like eating if you’re eating with them, so eat something along with them. This may make your pup simply want to join in the fun and eat what you offer – pills included.

3. Smoke and mirrors

Hide the medication entirely so that your pup can’t smell or sense the bitter taste that comes with it. You can do so with pill pouches, which are available for purchase in many stores, or you can make your own by wrapping the medication completely in something. American cheese is the best option – wrap the pill entirely, and slightly melt the cheese in your hand.

4. Do a double act

Convince your pup that the pill pouch or cheese that you’re using is not a disguise by giving them a few empty ones first. Randomize the order that you give the pill in so that your pup can’t anticipate which pouch will contain it. You can also let your pup do some tricks and give the pouches as rewards, with one of them holding the pill.

5. Send the right signals

Body language is important, so make sure you aren’t acting anxious, nervous, or intense when giving your pup the pill, as it may frighten them or make them realize that something is up! Act natural and treat the medication like any other part of your pup’s food.

Hopefully, these tips will help convince your pup to brave the bitterness and take the medicine they need! Like and share away!

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