5 Ways You Know Your Dog Controls Your Life... And It's Awesome!

5 Ways You Know Your Dog Controls Your Life... And It's Awesome!

A fur ball’s parents might insist that they’re the strictest disciplinarians of the house, but we all know that pups get their way pretty often! There’s no shame in admitting that sometimes, just sometimes, your pup runs your life. Here are five ways you’ll realize that your fur ball is the center of your world!

1. Before you leave the house, you tell them where you’re going and when you’ll be back. It’s like you’re a teenager telling your parents where you’re off to! Then you’ll make sure to tell your fur ball just how much you love them. Sweet, but a bit crazy, because you know your fur ball has no concept of time or language anyway. And that’s not all…

2. You talk to them all the time – even though you know they can’t reply. In fact, you might have even convinced yourself that your pup completely understands everything you say and is therefore up to speed on your situation at work or that awful thing your sister did last week! Oh no, what’s this? Have you started singing to your pup? Really? Maybe it’s because…

3. You’re sure your fur ball is the only one who really gets you. Perhaps by now, they’ve learned by now how to respond to you in conversation, and that just convinces you even more. No one else comforts you better than your pup can, after all.

4. When you finally come home from a long day, you’re most excited to see your pup again! Gone are the days when dinner was the first thing on your mind. Now, it’s all about greeting your happy fur ball and telling them how much you missed them. Aww!

5. It’s always bad news when your fur ball gets into bed with you. Why? Well, because the next morning you won’t want to leave because of how cozy and comfortable your pup looks and how much you don’t want to disturb his beauty sleep. I guess you’re just going to be late, then.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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