5 Ways You Could Be Shortening Your Pup's Life Without Knowing...

5 Ways You Could Be Shortening Your Pup's Life Without Knowing...

Pups have much shorter lifespans than humans do, and it’s always heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to a beloved fur ball.

All pup parents wish their pups could live healthily forever. But there might be some things that they do that might actually be shortening their pup’s life. Here are some of them.

1. Feeding for the wrong age.

When a bag of food is labelled for puppies, it should only be used for puppies, and the same goes for adult and senior fur balls. The nutrients provided in those foods are most suitable for pups in that age range, and interchanging them can result in health problems developing sooner.

2. Using human food.

Of course, some human food is safe for a pup’s diet. But unless you’re 100% certain of the safety of the food, you shouldn’t give it to your fur ball without proper research. Pups don’t digest food the same way as we do, so some human food is toxic to them.

3. Too many treats.

Think of treats the way you think junk food or candy for humans. They’re fine in moderation, but too many can result in health problems and weight gain, and it might reduce a pup’s appetite for his normal, nutritious food.

4. Not training.

A fur ball should know the words “come” and “drop it/leave it”, at the very least. In a situation where your pup is in danger, you would want him to come to you quickly, and you need him to be trained enough to follow that order. Similarly, a pup who picks up something dangerous for him will benefit from knowing the “drop it” or “leave it” command.

5. Not socializing.

A pup should be properly socialized so as to avoid fights with other fur balls, and so he knows how to interpret communications from humans. Biting another person because he’s uncomfortable can land a fur ball is some trouble. He should be able to stay happy and relatively calm in a majority of situations.

Stay tuned for more things to avoid if you want your pup to live a long, healthy life. For now, don’t forget to like and share!

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