5 Ways To Get Your Dog Ready When You Start Going Back To Work

With the COVID-19 pandemic being a global life-changing event, many of our daily activities have also changed. Most of us are working from home now, and our canine companions are certainly enjoying the company too!

Going back to work is going to be an adjustment for us but may be a rather large adjustment for our dogs. There are, however, some things we can do to make the transition into a normal routine easier for them. Advisors have provided these tips:

  • Start your normal morning ritual: by setting your alarm back to work times, your dog will get used to small things that will be done when you go back to the office. Make your coffee and eat breakfast at the times you would for work, this includes the time you usually feed your dog. This will become normal for your dog and make it less work to adjust to once you leave the house.
  • Act as if you are leaving for work: around work time, you can leave the house for a drive or a coffee. This will get your dogs used to your normal times with ease.
  • Try crate training: providing a safe space for your dog can be achieved through crate training. Practice this during daytime hours, as it will become a time of comfort when you are not there.
  • Stick to a regular walking and potty routine: our canine companions love routine. Advisors say the best way to do this is to stick to a walking routine at times when you would normally be home from work. Additionally, you can let your dog out at certain times to prevent potty accidents in the future. This will reduce anxiety and your doggo will feel more in control.
  • Comfort items and toys: getting new toys will help prevent boredom when you are at work. Another great trick that can help is by placing your scent on a certain toy. This will provide a comfort item and improve feelings of security.

If you can come home for lunch, this would be a good start as you ease your canine companion into your work routine. After all, we want to prevent separation anxiety to the best of our ability.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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