5 Ways To Help A Dog Who Limps At Night

5 Ways To Help A Dog Who Limps At Night

A dog who limps at night due to arthritis is in a lot of pain. Here are five ways to help.

Give Them A Massage

A little massage can help reduce discomfort and make a dog feel relaxed and at ease. It can also help them feel calm enough to sleep, even if the pain hasn’t completely dissipated. The massage can boost circulation to help joints feel better.

Use Products That Are Pain-Friendly

Orthopedic bedding, specially designed bowls, doggy stairs, and many more items are all designed to help an arthritic dog be more comfortable. These products can reduce the strain they are under every day.

Try A Glucosamine Supplement

These supplements are great for arthritic dogs. They help reduce the pain and inflammation, but you should monitor your dog to see if the supplement is really working properly for them.

Try A Heating Pad

Heating pads can provide pain relief, especially while your dog is settling down for the night. Make sure it’s not too hot and try to get more comfortable, modern ones. Try it on yourself first to see if it’ll be suitable for your dog.

Consider Medications For Pain Management

Speak to your vet about the possibility of pain medication for your dog. Some prescription medications can help on particularly bad pain days. An anti-inflammatory drug can really work wonders!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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