5 Ways To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean Without Using Toothbrush

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean Without Using Toothbrush

Many dog parents often underestimate the importance of their dog’s dental hygiene. Aside from smelly breath, poor dental health can cause infections and diseases. It is safe to say that your dog’s dental hygiene is crucial for maintaining their overall health.

Dog parents should clean their dog’s teeth at least every week. If your dog hates having their teeth brushed, the following are some alternative ways to keep your canine companion’s teeth clean without using a toothbrush:

Dental Chew Sticks

Chew sticks can help break down plaque and tartar. Some chew sticks also have minty flavors that can freshen your dog’s breath.

Dental Chew Toys

This is an alternative to chew sticks. Some chew toys have notches where you can put toothpaste to enhance the cleaning.

Dental Sprays

You only need to spray the solution onto your dog’s teeth, and it will break down plaque and reduce smelly breath.

Water Additives

These are dental cleaning solutions that you can add to your dog’s water bowl. Your dog needs to drink their water for it to work.

Raw Bones

This is great for dogs who would rather go the natural route instead of having chew toys. The bones must not be cooked and must be of a size that your dog cannot swallow.

Image Credit: Artem Beliaikin

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