5 Ways To Keep Your Pups Safe During Firework Season

5 Ways To Keep Your Pups Safe During Firework Season

Many pets (both dogs and cats) will get separated from their families during celebrations that include fireworks. Below are five tips to help prevent your dog from running off – and how to keep them safe.

Getting spooked and trying to run away is a survival instinct that is triggered by loud noises, like fireworks.

  1. First, give your pet a place they can go hide if they need one. Pets get scared when they hear the fireworks – their hearing is better than ours and they don’t understand the excitement behind fireworks. It is completely natural for an animal to be afraid of loud noises. Loud banging noises in the sky are scary! But, if your dog has a safe place to go, they will not need to run away.
  2. Second, be sure your dog is always in a safe and secure place. This almost goes without saying, if your dog is in a place they can’t get out of – they can’t get out!
  3. Third, allow your dog to spend time outside during the day. If you know that fireworks will be used that evening, make sure to bring them inside.
  4. Fourth, close all the curtains and windows. Have the television on or play music to help drown or block out the sounds from the fireworks.
  5. Fifth, don’t punish your dog (or cat) if they are scared. This will only make a scary situation much scarier for your four-legged friends! Loud noises are scary and disorienting. Be prepared by making sure your dog has a collar with your phone number.

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