59% Of Dog Parents Are Worried Their Dogs May Suffer From Separation Anxiety Post Quarantine

59% Of Dog Parents Are Worried Their Dogs May Suffer From Separation Anxiety Post Quarantine

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has disrupted our routines and changed our lives in many ways. One of the consequences of this global pandemic, is that the world was pretty much put on hold.

Many countries adopted a system of “lockdown regulations”, where we are limited in our daily activities. This includes our work schedule. In a bid to reduce and curb the spread of the highly infectious virus, many of us have had to start working from home. Our canine companions have, no doubt, been elated at having us around all day. Even though we are working, having their favorite human in the house is a pure delight for them!

Now that a few months have passed, many countries have eased their lockdown regulations and some companies require their employees to return to work. Even though this may be in stages and not full force schedules, it will still require leaving the house. Now that our canine companions have gotten used to us being around, we can’t help but worry if they will be alright without us. In fact, a recent study showed that 73% of people say they are worried about going back to work and leaving their four-legged family members behind.

Additionally, 59% of pet parents are worried their beloved hounds will suffer from separation anxiety when they are gone. LSU Vet School Assistant Professor of Community Practice Nancy Welborn says that it is therefore important for us to prep our precious pooches for the return to our schedules. This can be done by slowing introducing our routines ahead of time bit by bit and providing them with certain toys and a self-feeder so they can keep busy while we are gone.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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