6 Benefits Of Giving Avocados To Your Dogs!

Dog parents all over the world know that avocadoes are great for dogs, but avocado skin and pit should be kept away from your dog’s reach as they’re extremely toxic.

So here’s a fact, while avocado meat is great for dogs, don’t ever feed them avocados with it’s skin and pit still inside. In fact, dogs should always be fed fruit meat, seeds and skin should always be removed. Having said that, here are some benefits of giving avocados to your dogs.

1. Heart Health

Avocado meat is packed with tons of nutrients, especially in niacin or vitamin B3, which helps to prevent heart diseases.

2. Muscle Health

Avocados are protein-packed fruits that contain 18 amino acids which are responsible for allowing the growth of new muscle tissues.

3. Digestive Health

Apart from protein and nutrients, avocados are full of fiber that your dog needs to help him regulate his digestive and colon health. Also, a high fiber diet can help prevent heart diseases and diabetes!

Do you feed avocados to your dog? Let us know how you feed it to them! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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