6 Common Symptoms Of Dementia In Dogs

6 Common Symptoms Of Dementia In Dogs

Unfortunately, it’s not just humans who can get dementia. As a dog ages, they may experience cognitive decline. Here are 6 common dementia symptoms in dogs.


  1. Interaction Changes. Dogs with dementia may forget the other people and animals they once knew, causing them to act strangely around old friends.
  2. Lowered Energy Levels. Most dogs do get less active with age, but severely less energy, especially when it comes with lack of interest, can point to dementia.
  3. Disorientation. Does your dog seem lost or confused in familiar places, even your own home? Do they have trouble locating their water bowl, toys, or bed?
  4. Accidents. A dog who is having accidents inside may be dealing with dementia, as they are losing control of their body – or there may be another underlying problem.
  5. Obsessive Behaviors. If your dog is performing compulsive or repetitive actions, such as licking, scratching, biting, or pacing, they may be losing cognitive function.
  6. Sleep-Wake Cycle Changes. A dog with dementia may sleep and wake up and odd times.

How To Help

  1. Play Games. Go for games that strengthen or exercise the mind. Puzzle toys are a great option.
  2. Change Diet. Talk to your vet about feeding your dog a diet that can help improve their cognitive ability.
  3. Supplements. Again, speak to your vet about supplements or medications that may help your dog.
  4. Socialize. If your dog still wants to play, let them have fun with dog friends to keep them friendly and active.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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