6 Dogs Who Became So Popular In School They Were Featured In Yearbooks!

6 Dogs Who Became So Popular In School They Were Featured In Yearbooks!

Dogs are heroes, we all know that! They help people even if it means they’ll have to risk their lives. Most people rely on service dogs to help them deal with their disabilities. These dogs became so popular even schools couldn’t resist putting their pictures in their yearbooks!

According to the University of Arizona, approximately 0.9% of people with disabilities receive help from service dogs. The bond these people share with their dogs is so unique, so beautiful it is immeasurable. Schools that featured these dogs in their yearbooks wanted the world to remember these heroes too! We’re already in love!

1. Presley Ware helps stabilize Seph when he feels weak. Seph suffers from muscular dystrophy and Presley is his hero!

2. Taxi Benke helps Rachel Benke predict her next seizure. Rachel suffers from epileptic seizures and Taxi is her hero!

3. Caramel keeps Rebecca Thomas, a high school teacher, safe and sound. Thomas teaches American Sign Language and is hearing impaired. Caramel is her hero!

4. Vicky Camacho brings her service dog, Dakota, to school once a week to help her teach her students. Camacho teaches Special Education and Dakota is everyone’s hero!

5. Prince is a therapy dog who helped comfort students until he retired at the age of 9. Prince is a hero for students of Portage High School!

6. Kaleigh Buckminster suffers from celiac disease and she takes Memphis, her service dog, to school every day. Memphis is her hero!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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