6 Pictures That Dog Parents Will Definitely Relate To!

Dog parenting is difficult, but most dog parents will agree that it is the most rewarding experience of a lifetime!

Before you become a dog parent, life is different and after you become one, life is better! You will never be alone ever again. Dogs have made it their mission to share everything with you… from your meals to your bed. But being a dog parent doesn’t mean that life is without excitement and surprises – in fact, our dogs give us so much to think (and worry) about! Check this out!

1. Welcome to my creation, mom. On your left you’ll find the place where I got all the stuffing from and on the right, well that’s where you’ll cook me delicious dinner to celebrate my work of art. You’re welcome. Oh and there’s tissue papers in here too, you know, for added decor.

2. Dear mom, I hope you won’t be mad, but you really need to get new ones. These ones exploded in thin air. I’m glad I’m safe.

3. Hey dad, you okay in there? Need anything? Chew toy, perhaps? Lets the bowels moving. Toys, maybe, to help you a little? Poop bag? Anything at all?

4. I can explain, but you won’t believe me. It was the neighbor’s cat who got into the trash. Then there was a raccoon and a squirrel too. I think I saw aliens too.

5. I know you want some privacy so I kept the rest of me out of your sight!

6. Oh, hello there! I didn’t see you!

Has your dog ever done something that made you dizzy?! Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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