6 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Your Dog! (Part 1)

I absolutely love my dog, like to the point that I would gladly accept an opportunity to be stuck at home with him 24/7!

I’m sure all dog parents love their dogs to the moon and back! We all spend a considerable amount of time with our dogs and we don’t regret it one bit! We pamper them, share food with them, stare at them… we just love being around them! But how do we know if we’re obsessed with them? Here are some signs!

1. If you’re constantly looking for excuses to spend more time with your dog, you might be obsessed with them. But if someone confronts you, you tell them that it’s just the bond you share. In reality, you’re obsessed.


2. Whenever your dog masters a new trick, you can’t stop bragging about it to people offline and online. If you’ve thought of publicizing your dog’s talent on a billboard in the middle of a busy city, you’re obsessed.


3. You create a social media account for your dog and ask everyone you know to follow them for frequent updates. You want the world to know that your dog is the bestest dog that ever walked the earth.


How many of you relate to this?! Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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