6 Things To Consider Before Giving Your Dogs CBD Oil

6 Things To Consider Before Giving Your Dogs CBD Oil

CBD oil is a rather controversial hot-button topic in the dog health world. On one hand, it’s a great option for natural health. On the other, bad sellers can produce subpar products that are a danger to your dogs.

So what should you think about before opting for CBD for dogs? Here are 6 things to consider.

1. THC Content

Dogs are sensitive to Tetrahydrocannabinol and it can be toxic for them in even small doses. Go for CBD oil with absolutely no detectable content of this component.

2. Don’t Buy “Hemp Oil”

CBD oil is regulated, buy hemp oil is not. Some producers actually use the term “hemp oil” in order to get around all the rules they should be following.

3. Buy Organic and Tested

Buying organic doesn’t count for everything, but doing so for CBD oil is crucial. You should also make sure that they are tested against heavy metals, pathogens, and pesticides.

4. Don’t Buy Isolates

CBD isolates only contain CBD, and it’s much more beneficial to use the full hemp plant and all its natural contents. As such, opt for full-spectrum CBD, or broad spectrum CBD.

5. Certification

Make sure that you refer to a CBD oil batch’s Certificate of Analysis before purchasing it. COAs show the lab results of a test on that batch of oil. Good sellers will have no reason to hide it from you.

6. Don’t Be Fooled By Low Prices

We all love low prices, but CBD oil is one item you don’t want to get cheap. If it’s suspiciously inexpensive, consider that a big red flag and an indication of low quality.

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