6 Things You Should Do For Your Senior Dogs

Just as we humans need a little extra care as we grow older, our senior dogs also do. They too find themselves less active and may require some assistance.

It is easy for us to adjust our lifestyles accordingly, but what should we do for our senior four-legged family members? Here are a few tips too make life a little easier for those who have been by our sides for years:

Prepare an area with cozy bedding: a comfortable, supportive bed is exactly what your senior canine companion needs, a bed that supports joints will be the perfect fit.

Provide a safe senior environment: as our loyal companions age, they may find it difficult to navigate their way through the house. Providing a clear pathway, or building an easily accessible ramp, will ease the anxiety and strain of trying to move around. This also aids in the prevention of falling and injury.

Body and mind exercise: although our senior dogs become less active as they age, it is important for us to keep them physically and mentally fit. Taking them for walks and playing with toys should still be a priority for our loyal companions, but we should just carefully observe their fatigue levels and adjust our exercising accordingly.

Weight control: keeping our seniors healthy is important. Remember to switch your dog to senior dog food and it is recommended to reduce treat intake as well.

Regular vet visits: regular check-ups at the vet are important for your senior canine companion. It is recommended to take them in every six months, but each dog is different and ask your vet for proper advice.

Consider adding CBD to their meal: CBD has been recognized as a safe oil to ease many ailments that senior dogs may experience. Chat to your local vet about the safety of the oil and what may be safe for your precious pooch.

What do you do to keep your senior dogs happy and healthy? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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