6 Ways You Can Help Your Pup Deal With Canine Arthritis Joint Pains

6 Ways You Can Help Your Pup Deal With Canine Arthritis Joint Pains

Arthritis and joint pains can really inconvenience an otherwise happy and healthy pup, and it can be hard for pup parents to see their canine companions in such pain.

The good news is, there are some natural, drug-free ways to help ease the pain. Here are six of them!

1. Exercise

Staying active is crucial for joint health, but you’ll have to reduce the length and intensity of excursions. Cut down long walks to short strolls and instigate brief play sessions on a soft surface.

2. Keep Weight Down

A pup who carries extra weight puts more strain on their joints, so it’s important that your pup is at a healthy weight and maintains it. Start a weight loss regimen if your pup is overweight!

3. Make Diet Alterations

Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your pup’s diet, under a vet’s supervision, can help reduce joint pain. These foods may include ginger, celery, or papaya.

4. Get a Better Bed

Purchasing a supportive orthopedic dog bed can mean a world of difference for your pup, as a mattress not made for arthritic pups can cause more undue damage.

5. Prevent Slipping and Tripping

Help your pup navigate slippery hard wood or tiled floors without falling and adding stress to their joints by laying rugs and runners down. You can even opt to buy friction socks! In addition, make sure your pup’s nails are always well trimmed.

6. Therapy

Many veterinary hospitals and specialist centers offer therapy for pups with joint problems. Physical therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture are just examples of some to look into!

With any luck, these methods will help your pup’s symptoms of arthritis and joint issues settle down, and even make him less uncomfortable. Please like and share this information if you found it useful!

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