64 Beagle Pups Rescued From A Laboratory In India Up For Adoption!

64 Beagle Pups Rescued From A Laboratory In India Up For Adoption!

Earlier this week, at least 64 beagle pups were rescued from a laboratory in Bangalore, India and two days later, they were all up for adoption so they can finally go home to their forever loving families!

The best part is that according to some sources, these beagle pups were not tested upon and while some were there for breeding purposes, others were waiting test approvals that hadn’t come through. Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), Bangalore, found out about these beagle pups and rescued 40 males and 24 females between the age of 7 and 10. They will also be sterilizing and vaccinating these fur balls.

According to Chinthana Gopinath, person responsible for re-homing these beagles, “These beagles have lived their entire lives in small metal cages and now have the phenomenal opportunity to be free. Due to lack of exposure to the outside world, they need to learn every little nuance of living in a home – using the stairs, toilet training, coming up to people for a cuddle, going on walks. They are right now identified only by numbers. They need names, a real identity. From past experience we know that with lots of love and patience they all learn to become much loved pets of families. People who come forward will receive guidance from families who have adopted laboratory-rescued beagles earlier.” Take a look at the images on page 2 below!

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