7 Awesome Habits Of Caring And Loving Pet Parents. Yes It's About YOU!

7 Awesome Habits Of Caring And Loving Pet Parents. Yes It's About YOU!

Being the mommy or daddy to a pup can get pretty tough! You dote on your fur balls and love them to death, caring for them and showering them with affection. Here are 7 fantastic ways to become a better fur ball parent.

1. Know your pups. Learn to pick up on signals that indicate anxiety, bad moods, fright, and tiredness. It’ll almost be as if you can read your pup’s mind! When you learn to read your fur ball’s body language, you understand them better and can cater to their needs.

2. Respect your pups. Ensure that you place a high value on your fur ball. Learn to value their routines and understand that upsetting those routines may be distressing or uncomfortable to them. A pup treated like family is one happy pup indeed!

3. Anticipate your pup’s needs. If you know certain things bother your pup, prepare for them with cuddles, treats or anything that will help! Leave the TV on if your pup has to be alone, and start a snuggling fest during a thunderstorm. And remember to keep the water bowl full! You’ll be surprised how much it helps!

4. Pay attention to your pup’s environment. Look around the neighborhood and pick out areas that might be dangerous, such as a house with a garden full of plants unsafe for pups. While out on walks, look out for fallen chocolate wrappers or anything that might cause distress. Regularly monitor your pup’s fur for fleas, and make sure you help your pup cope with low and high temperatures.

5. Do your research on pet foods. Ignore the advertisements and look for food that is actually healthy for pups. Think about feed them raw foods, OMEGA oils, or fresh organic products.

6. Make regular vet visits. Always keep your appointments and be sure you have their number where you can reach it quickly if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about health concerns, fleas, or vaccinations. You can also do research on these questions yourself.

7. Believe in pup power! Realize that your fur ball can change lives and inspire others. Pups are incredible pets that love unconditionally, and you’ve been entrusted with one (or two or three!)

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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