7 Creative Ways To Include Your Dogs In Your Wedding

7 Creative Ways To Include Your Dogs In Your Wedding

Dogs are family members to us, just as much as any human. That’s why so many people want to get their dogs involved in their weddings somehow. Luckily, there are simple ways you can make your dog involved in your nuptials. Here are 7 ideas!

Invitations / Save The Dates / Thank Yous

Use pictures of your dogs when sending out cards for invites, save the dates, or even thank yous.

Engagement Photos

Take an adorable engagement photoshoot with your dog involved! They’re sure to make everyone say “aww!”

Flower Girl

Teaching your dog to hold a basket of flowers and walk down the aisle is a daunting but doable task!

Guest Book

Have a custom-made guest book that includes your dog, or have your dog “sign” it with their paw!

Party Favors

Decorate party favors with paw print stickers, pictures of your dogs, or other thoughtful little symbols to represent your doggy pal.

Ring Bearer

It’s a little difficult to make a dog a ring bearer. You’ll have to make sure you train your dog well and show them how things are done – and you can’t throw a fit if things don’t go exactly right on the actual day!


Bring your dog along and make them a part of your wedding party! Equip them with a precious bowtie, clip, or dog-friendly accessory to match everyone else.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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