7 Essential Summer Tips You Have To Keep In Mind For Your Pup's Wellbeing

7 Essential Summer Tips You Have To Keep In Mind For Your Pup's Wellbeing

Summertime is great for play, exploration, and all around fun for pups!

With that being said, it’s important that your fur balls keep cool and stay safe in the high temperatures. Here’s how!

1. Hydration.

Make sure your pup always has a supply of fresh water, and bring a water bottle along to walks. Overweight pups and fur balls with darker fur tend to become dehydrated faster. Watch out for signs of this – excessive drooling, paleness, bloodshot eyes, and lethargy are all symptoms of dehydration.

2. Timing.

When taking your pup out to get some exercise, opt for early mornings, late evenings, or night times to beat the summer sun. Don’t overexert your fur ball, or yourself! If these times don’t work for you, then buy…

3. Paw protection.

Pick up some doggie boots from a pet store. The paw pads on pups’ feet can absorb heat really fast!

4. Let your pup see.

If your fur ball is upset over the lack of long walks, allow him to step outside to see how the weather is. If it’s too hot, cold, or wet for your pup, he will likely decide that it’s necessary to lessen his time outside or just hide out from the conditions altogether.

5. Swimming.

So the usual exercise is hard to do when it’s so hot. Why not head to your swimming pool (or a dog-friendly one) or find a shaded body of water? That way, your pup gets exercise but stays cool!

6. Innovate!

So you haven’t got air conditioning or a swimming pool? Set up a kiddie pool in a shaded area, turn on the sprinklers, or set out a wet towel for your pup to relax on. Hose you’re your pup if you need to! Keep in mind that fur balls cool from the bottom up, so if you’re spraying him with water, you need to get the paws and stomach too!

7. Don’t leave your pup in the car.

There are countless cases of pups suffering and even dying from being left in locked, parked cars with the AC off and no source of ventilation. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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