7 Places To Find Ticks On Your Dog's Body

7 Places To Find Ticks On Your Dog's Body

Ticks are a major problem dogs face all year round. Dog parents must take tick prevention seriously as these bloodsucking pests carry different deadly diseases and can transmit it to dogs within 48 hours.

Veterinarians recommend you inspect your dog's body as soon as they return from outside and remove ticks if found. However, finding ticks on your dog can be tricky if you don't know the right places to check. Here are seven places you should check:

Head and Ears

Dogs often stick their heads into different places out of curiosity, making it easy for ticks to attach to their head and ears.


If you notice your dog licking or chewing their feet, it signifies something is bothering them, possibly ticks.


Dog parents rarely check their dog's groin for ticks, but that's a mistake because ticks love hiding there. After all, it is dark and moist.


Ticks attached to a dog's eyelids can go unnoticed because they look like skin tags or eye discharge.


The underside of a dog's tail, particularly near the base, is another spot where ticks often hide.


Up where dogs' front legs meet their body is another spot ticks hide because it's dark and difficult for dogs to reach.

Under the Collar

Always remove your dog's collar when checking for ticks because they can hide underneath.

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