7 Things To Do When Your Dog Bites Another Dog

7 Things To Do When Your Dog Bites Another Dog

Your dog has bitten another dog. Now what?

Step 1: Get Control Of The Situation

Put your dog on their leash, or confine them to an enclosed area, such as your car, a crate, back into your home, or to a separate room.

Step 2: Check On The Bitten Dog

Being extra careful so as to avoid anxious lashing out, examine the victim dog to assess the damage and see what needs to be done.

Step 3: Check The Wound

Look for the bite wound, its size, and its type. This will determine whether vet care is necessary. You should clean the wounds to prevent infection.

Step 4: Assistance

Ask the owner of the bitten dog how you can help. If they ask you to keep your distance, oblige. Get ready to foot a medical bill.

Step 5: Statements

Ask the witnesses around you to provide a statement for you in writing, just so you have information to corroborate your own story if you wind up having to deal with police.

Step 6: Swap Information

Give the owner of the bitten dog your contact information and ask for theirs. You should also exchange the medical information of the dogs involved.

Step 7: Contact Authorities

Reach out to the police or animal control, who will have to determine whether your dog is safe to be around or not. Reaching out first gives you the chance to state your case.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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