7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking Your Dog To A Dog Park

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Taking Your Dog To A Dog Park

Want to take your dog to a dog park? Here are 7 things to consider first.

Play Style

How does your dog like to play? If they love to play fetch, they wouldn’t do well during very crowded times in a small park. If they have a lot of fun with rowdy, rough play, they can enjoy doing so with other dogs their size, but preferably not larger or smaller, so you’ll have to consider the crowd. These are just some things to consider.


What are the rules of the dog park? How well are they enforced? Municipal parks will usually not have enough staff to make sure the rules are being followed. Private parks tend to be more reliable in this area.


What usually happens in your local dog park? Do dog owners chat, read, or stay on their phones, preventing them from seeing what’s going on? Do they allow inappropriate or aggressive behavior? Is there a time when the culture is more favorable?


Is your dog trained enough to be well-behaved in a dog park? Can they handle the potential stress and respond to your commands even in loud situations?


Is your dog confident and friendly? Then a dog park may make them happy. If your dog is shy, fearful, and far from a social butterfly, you may want to consider other options.


Is the dog park well maintained with sturdy equipment and fences? Are there dangers lying about?


Is the park layout good? Are there places for water, play, and lots of open space?

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