7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dogs Smarter

7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dogs Smarter

There’s a lot of talk about how certain dogs can be highly intelligent. But just how do you capitalize on that?

Treat Toys

Have a toy filled with treats, and roll them across the floor. Then, your dog pushes it around so it dispenses that yummy gift!

Puzzle Toys

Here’s another option, if you would rather not have treats all over the floor. This toy has lots of fiddly bits that have to be pushed around and manipulated, before it releases its treat.

Clicker Training

You know what would be helpful? A dog that can help with the chores. With a clicker and treats, you can get your dog to fetch things for you and to put them back later!

Ring Stacker

Children love this toy, and some dogs do too! It’s not for everyone, but some dogs just really like putting rings on top of another.


Not only does it teach your dog obedience commands such as stay and sit, it’s a ton of fun for the both of you!

DIY Agility Course

Agility courses are great for dogs, since mastering any course teaches both obedience and concentration on a singular task.

Sniff Hunt

If your dog is a scent hound like a Beagle, this might be a good one. Hide some treats within the folds of some multi-layered thing, and watch them dig it all out!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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