7 Ways To Be A Better Dog Parent!

7 Ways To Be A Better Dog Parent!

If there’s one thing we yearn for- it’s to become better dog parents for our dogs, because we’re committed to them. You’re already doing everything you can to be a better dog parent, like taking them out, giving them healthy food, and training them, but is there anything else you could do?

1. Practice preventive care by giving your dogs the vaccinations they need, brushing their teeth, helping them exercise and giving them weekly baths

2. Talk to your vet about how much and what kind of exercise your dog needs and try to give them that on a daily basis to keep them healthy!

3. Learn to understand his body language because sometimes a smile isn’t because your dog is happy, but because he’s stressed out.

4. Don’t forget to keep training your dogs because training is an ongoing process and understand that your dog will learn at his own pace.

5. Give him the right toys he needs to help him burn off excess energy. This will ensure that he’s never bored, there’s always something to do!

6. Get a microchip in place so you never lose your dog. So many dogs get lost and because they’re not microchipped they end up alone in the middle of nowhere. You want your dog to grow old with you, be around you for as long as possible.

7. Always remember that your vet knows everything you need to know about your dogs. You’ll be surprised to see many dog parents asking for medicinal recommendations online – this isn’t recommended. Please visit your vet on a regular basis to see how your dog is doing in terms of his health.

What are your thoughts about becoming the best dog parent? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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