8 Dog Breeds That Are Known As The Most Gentle On The Planet!

8 Dog Breeds That Are Known As The Most Gentle On The Planet!

Dogs are often energetic and bold, and they can knock you over in their excitement if you’re not careful! But some breeds naturally have calmer temperaments, so their friendliness and affection don’t lead to accidents.

Here are 8 gentle dog breeds:


Yes, they look scary and big, but these former guard dogs and hunters are lazy, relaxed, and laid-back at heart.


Collies are herding dogs who are easy to train, have lots of smarts, and love to be active – all while staying mostly calm!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This very small breed was specifically bred to be a human companion. They make awesome lap dogs!


These small hounds are calm but playful, and their affection is always gentle and sweet. They can get a bit talkative, but they’re easy to care for.


Newfoundlands were mostly geared towards performing water rescues, and this has allowed their power and strength to come with a certain gentleness.


This small Chinese dog is adorable and sociable, and like the aforementioned spaniel, they were bred as companions. This means they’re good lap dogs and great for kids.


Despite their rough appearance, this breed is often lazy and very relaxed, making them incredibly gentle and tolerant. They also hold lots of affection!

Italian Greyhound

These very small sighthounds are very sweet and love quiet homes, and they tend to form tight, gentle bonds with their favorite people.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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