8 Reasons Why People Should Adopt Senior Pups Instead Of Puppies

8 Reasons Why People Should Adopt Senior Pups Instead Of Puppies

Many adopters want to go for young puppies, often causing older pups to be overlooked. But older dogs are wonderful additions to most families and shouldn’t be shunned this way! Here are 8 awesome reasons to consider an older pup for adoption.

1. They’ve been trained. Most adult pups will be properly trained in nearly all cases, so you won’t have to worry about behavioral or potty training – just focusing on house training!

2. Chewing issues are gone. Puppies are still teething and need a lot to bite and chew on, and you have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not biting your furniture. Older dogs don’t teethe!

3. It’s cheaper. Growing puppies often need a lot of food, vet trips, and classes, and they break through toys fast. Older dogs don’t have as many needs and are usually more relaxed, though they may have additional medical costs.

4. You’ll be better informed. Young puppies are hard to predict. Their health problems, potential size, personalities, and energy levels aren’t yet known to shelters. With older dogs, there’s much less of a mystery.

5. Shelters euthanize them first. When kill shelters have to make the difficult decision to put down a dog, they’re likely to opt for seniors because they’re less “adoptable” to people. By choosing an older pup, you’re saving a life!

6. Your sleep schedule won’t be affected. Young puppies, with all their energy and poor bladder control, are much more likely to keep you up at night or shake you awake at the worst times. Older dogs would probably much rather sleep than get up to mischief in the wee hours of the morning.

7. They’re just as loving. Senior pups are gentle, sweet, and kind. They’re not any less affectionate than younger pups at all. They’ll still give you all the cuddles and love you want, and demand the same from you!

8. All pups, regardless of age, deserve a loving family. All dogs deserve a forever loving home that will cherish them forever. Older pups deserve just as much of a second chance at life as puppies do!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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