8 Signs Your Dog Wants To Test Your Patience! (Part 2)

Dogs are smart souls and they like to test our patience to the maximum. They do it and I think they get some sort of satisfaction when they’re testing our patience.

In the end, they’re our first, and possibly, last love, so isn’t everything fair in love? Here are some ways your dog tests your patience! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. Elevator rides

Then remember how uncomfortable the elevator ride gets? I’ll give you an example. Assume that you’re going to meet someone on the 25th floor of a hypothetical building. You ride the elevator with your dog and a stranger. Who wins the staring contest? Your dog. Yes, they have mastered the act of staring at people just enough to make them uncomfortable. Who gets strange looks? You do. Of course.

2. No!

Your dog knows what you mean when you say NO, but they choose not to listen to you. They know that they’re supposed to stop doing what they’re doing when you say no, but because dogs like to test our patience, they continue to do what they’re doing, and probably amplify the situation a little more.

3. Attention

In the movies, you see that when a dog wants attention they’ll come and sit beside you, looking all cute and cuddly… sadly, most of the time, it happens only in movies because, in real life, dogs like to destroy our things to get our attention.

4. Trouble!

When your dog is staring directly at you, know that he’s about to make some trouble. It’s just personal experience, but proven every single time.

How many of you relate to this?! Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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