8 Signs You're Suffering From Separation Anxiety, And Not Your Dog! (Part 1)

As dog lovers, we take it for granted that dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but dog parents will agree that not only dogs suffer separation anxiety.

The relationship we have with our dogs is so unique, so fulfilling and so precious that we can’t imagine how our lives would be without them, even for a second. Meet a human’s separation anxiety. In case you didn’t know some dog parents suffer from separation anxiety, too! For example, apart from going outside to work, I don’t dare leave my dog’s side! Here are some signs you’re suffering from separation anxiety!

1. When you have to have to HAVE to leave the house, you take hours saying goodbye to your dog and as soon as you close the door, your dog does things he’s not supposed to do, but that’s a different story. You then proceed to browse your phone and see every video and picture of your dog and hope to be back home to them ASAP.


2. When someone asks you to come over, when someone invites you to a party, when it’s time to check on a friend, when it’s time to go out… basically, whenever you’re asked to leave your dog for a couple of hours, you use them as an excuse to get out of situations that involve you leaving your dog. Get what I’m saying? You’ve made it a point to NEVER leave your dog.


3. Then when you succeed in avoiding all situations that require you to leave your dog, you look them in the eye and wish they could be immortal. It suddenly hits you that one day they won’t be there and you’ll be forced to learn to live without them. I know, it’s a terrible feeling.


4. You have created a social media account for your dog and when you’re not around them, you impersonate them to make up for the distance. Yes, it’s creepy, but everything is fair in love and separation anxiety.


How many of you relate to this? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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