8 Simple Poison Prevention Tips For Pet Parents You Have To Know About

8 Simple Poison Prevention Tips For Pet Parents You Have To Know About

Keeping your pup safe in the house is a no-brainer. But it can be hard to stop your pup from finding harmful substances to lick at, swallow, or taste.

Accidental pup poisonings happen every day, but there are ways that it can be prevented! Here are some ways you can keep your fur balls away from things that are dangerous to them.

1. Baby locks

Your pup is like your baby, after all! Install them on lower cabinets to keep your fur ball out of them. This works for keeping food and garbage away from curious paws, too.

2. Always store bottles safely

It’s easy to use cleaning supplies or medicines from bottles and forget to put them back in their shelves right away, leaving them unattended. Keep them in high cabinets always, and if your pup might be able to reach them, baby lock those shelves too!

3. Substitute the bad stuff

Replace products that might cause poisoning with non-harmful ones. For example, switch out xylitol products with one of the many other options, or buy fake flowers instead of real ones!

4. Teach your pup to “leave it!”

It’s one of the most standard commands in obedience school. Teach your pup to respond to this command to leave things alone. It can be a life saver when you drop something on the ground!

5. Teach your pup to “leave it” automatically

If you regularly drop things or have young children, it might be wise to teach pups to never touch or pick up anything on the floor unless they receive permission first.

6. Teach your pup to “drop it!”

Teach your pup to obey this command by starting with toys or sticks. This may help if you see your fur ball with something suspicious or you’re too late to say “leave it!”

7. Keep others aware

Visitors might find it hard to resist feeding your fur ball, but it might be something they can’t eat, like grapes or onions. Keep a list of dangerous foods on the fridge or somewhere else visible so guests know what they can and can’t give your pup!

8. Be strict!

Pups have a penchant for getting into trouble! Make sure you’re aware of where your fur ball is at all times, especially if he’s known for getting himself into fixes! If you can’t trust your pup with certain areas, block them off. You can also put your pup in a kennel when you can’t keep your eye on him.

Stay safe, and keep your fur balls safe too! Like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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