8 Steps To Find Your Dog His New Forever Loving Home (Part 1)

When we bring home our dogs, we promise them that we will never let them go, we will never abandon them, we will take good care of them, but sadly, sometimes life events make it impossible for us to fulfill our promises to our dogs.

I personally know a family who grew old with their dog. Children grew up and left, their dog was still there. Then the dog’s parent was diagnosed with an untreatable health problem, that’s when they decided that it was time to find their beloved dog a new forever loving home so he will continue to be in good hands.

Other times it is not death, it’s maybe a medical condition that requires someone to rehome their dog, perhaps a shortage of funds… there are many valid reasons why avid dog parents decide to rehome their dogs. The decision they make literally hurts them, but they want what’s best for their dog – a new forever loving home. Here are some steps to help you find your dog a new home.

1. Reasons

Think about why you want to rehome your dog. Can your reasons be fixed? Sometimes when we calm down and think again, we find solutions to problems we thought could never be fixed. Is this your situation? Are the problems fixable?

2. Temporary Foster Parents

Find a temporary foster parent for your dog if you have to focus on something else and feel that your dog may feel neglected. There are a lot of loving dog lovers out there who wouldn’t mind being temporary foster parents to your dog.

3. Contract

Did you sign a contract with someone before bringing home your dog? If so, read the contract carefully and see what it says about returning your dog, as this may be a requirement.

4. Spay / Neuter

Make sure your dog is spayed / neutered before putting them up for adoption. Dog lovers who want to adopt would be delighted to know that the dog they’re about to adopt is spayed / neutered.

Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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