8 Things To Avoid Doing At The Dog Part (Part 1)

The joys of visiting a dog park! Well, it’s not only your dog that gets excited to visit, you do too! If you’re an avid dog lover, you can’t wait to be surrounded by adorable dogs waiting to get their game on!

Dog parks are fun places to hang out whether you have a dog or not. It helps you connect with yourself, and your dog, if you have on, or your future dog, if you’re going to get one. Having said that, here are some things you should avoid doing at the dog park!

1. Don’t criticize people

It’s true that when someone’s doing something wrong at the dog park, you want to inform the person that what they’re doing is intolerable. But remember that person might be doing something wrong because they don’t know how to do it right! It takes some explaining and a ton of smiles to show the person doing something wrong to do it the right way. Criticizing will only give them the wrong impression of how dogs should be handled.

2. It’s okay to see a dog chill on the bench

The last time I visited the dog park, I was surprised to see a dog not playing with other dogs, instead, he was innocently sleeping on the bench beside his human. That’s okay too! Dogs take their own time to warm up, so pushing one to make friends just won’t work. Let dogs decide how they’d like to enjoy the dog park!

3. Be careful with young dogs

If your dog is less than 12 weeks old, it’s recommended that they not be allowed to play with other dogs until they’ve had all their shots. For health reasons and not to make them feel left out, avoid taking them to dog-crowded areas!

4. Don’t let poops lie

It doesn’t matter where your dog pooped or how much, as a responsible dog parent, always, always pick up after your dog. Can you imagine stepping into someone else’s dog poop? You won’t like it, neither would anyone else. So be responsible and bring your own poop bags!

Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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