8 Things You Can't See But Your Dogs Can!

A lot of dog parents can guarantee that their dogs can see and smell things that humans can not see or smell. We know that a dog’s nose is the most powerful nose in the world, but is their sight just as powerful?

Did you know that dogs can see UV Rays? Yep, Mind blown. Here are some things our dogs can see and smell that we can’t!

1. Banana Spots

Through your dog’s eyes, banana spots glow in blue! While we can see maybe a handful of black banana spots, dogs can see more than that, all glowing in blue! Here’s a question, would you eat glowing blue bananas? Your dog will, as long as it’s sweet!

2. Paint Layers

If you want to identify a painter’s every mistake on canvas, get a dog! Apparently, because of the dog’s ability to see UV light, they can see an artist’s every mistake no matter how many layers of paint are present on the canvas. So next time you go shopping for a real masterpiece, take your dog with you so you don’t end up buying a fake piece!

3. Stars And Celestial Bodies

Your dog can see almost a thousand more stars and even celestial bodies in the night sky! Lucky for them because humans can’t due to light pollution.

4. Security Information In Money

Want to spot counterfeit money? Ask your dog to help you! Dogs can spot counterfeit money better than humans can because they can clearly see security information in money. Of course, dogs know nothing about money and don’t even know where it comes from as long as treats are served!

Do you think dogs can see spirits? That’s the burning question today! Let us know in the comments below. Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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