8 Tips To Help Protect Your Dog During Cold Winter Months

8 Tips To Help Protect Your Dog During Cold Winter Months

Winter is fun for playing in the snow, but you need to make sure you keep your dog safe from the harsh weather. Here are 8 tips for paw protection in winter!

Keep Something Warm By The Door

A shallow dish of warm water and some cloth by the door can be used to wipe off your boots and your dog’s booties or paws when you come in.

Bathe Less

If you give your dog too many baths during the dry months, their skin and fur will flake and dry.

Dress Up

If it’s extra cold, get a sweater or coat and some booties for your dog to wear outside.

Stay Away From The Sidewalk

It’s better to walk in grass or snow than on sidewalks treated by salt and deicing items.

Use Balm

Special dog balms are available to apply to your dog’s paws, keeping them protected.

Adjust Food And Water

Dogs usually burn more calories in winter because they are trying to stay warm, and they get dehydrated faster. So, adjust your dog’s diet accordingly.

Brush More

Brush your dog’s fur to help their skin and circulation.

Watch For Ice Balls

Long-haired pups may have them form on their fur or between toes. Trim paw hair to prevent their development.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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