8 Ways Dogs Are Making The Planet A Better Place To Live

Dogs are making the world an exciting place to live in by just existing, and we can all agree to that, but scientifically speaking, dogs are making this world, a better place too.

Dogs benefit the planet by offering services no other creature can, not even humans. They help us in so many ways, and like I mentioned so many times before, sometimes I feel humans don’t deserve dogs. They’re so perfect, so pure, so loyal… and now they’re saving the world too. Here are some dogs who’re making this world a better place:

1. Sudan

Dogs in Sudan are trained to locate landmines in areas where local people are afraid to walk over fearing death. So apart from sniffing butts, dogs are experts at sniffing landmines that can wipe out an entire country.

2. Slovakia

German shepherds in Slovakia are making tigers feel more comfortable by just being themselves. These dogs grew up with two tigers and now they’re inseparable. In an attempt to prevent Siberian tigers from going extinct, these dogs are making sure they’re comfortable by helping them socialize!

3. Tanzania

Meet German shepherd Didi, who was once a stray, but is now trained to sniff out elephant poachers! Didi is an expert at saving lives of elephants who’re vulnerable and need protection from poachers. She leads park rangers straight to poacher hideouts and exposes them before they hurt other animals.

4. Washington

Meet Tucker, a labrador who’s boss at saving whales. Tucker is an expert at locating whale poop that helps experts research and understand information about their DNA!

How would you describe dogs? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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