8 Ways To Help Shelter Dogs Without Adopting Them

8 Ways To Help Shelter Dogs Without Adopting Them

Rescues and shelters are in constant need of committed volunteers with a variety of abilities and talents. Reach out to them on how to help and make a difference to animals in need.

Here are eight suggestions that do not involve adopting:

Donate to Local Shelter

Most donation policies include a list of the most needed items. Food, beds, towels, toys, newspapers, and cleaning supplies are some of the common items that shelters request for. Cash donations are also appreciated.

Volunteer at Local Shelter

Participate in a volunteer program. Duties might include cleaning and clearing, clerical tasks, or walking the dogs. Or offer to assist at adoption or fundraising events, which involve set up and take down work.

Foster a Rescue or Shelter Animal

If you have available space and time, consider fostering a rescue animal until a permanent home is found.

Transport Rescued Animals

Rescued animals need to be transported from the shelter to their foster homes or new owners.

Buy Items on Wish List

Rescues and shelters include links to their Amazon and other wish lists on their websites. Check into purchasing an item or two from there.

Take Adoption Photos

Help local shelters take amazing photos of adoptable pets for posting on websites such as Petfinder to increase their chances of being adopted.

Network Shelter Pets on Social Media

It is now common for potential adopters to start their search online. Offer your graphic or web design or social media skills to help spread the word.

Raise Funds Using ResQWalk

ResQwalk is an app that enables you to raise money for homeless animals and earn prizes every time you go for a walk.

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