9 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For English Bulldogs!

9 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For English Bulldogs!

Halloween is here- which means it’s time to costumes on your English Bulldogs! But just what will you be getting them to dress up as?

1. Marilyn Monroe

Wig, dress, painted nails – all in the name of paying homage to the great beauty. There’s no stopping just how dramatic you’re going to make them appear!

2. Elsa

All you need is braided hair and sparkly blue dress. The next thing you know, there’s snow everywhere!

3. Shrek

Might as well put all that bulk to use. And if your dog has an underbite, they would make the perfect ogre!

4. Weightlifter

Just look at the muscles on this incredible specimen! No wonder he’s a champion!

5. It

This one is a little more difficult, since you need to somehow add an extra-large forehead for your dog – but it will definitely be worth it.

6. Mario

What’s more iconic than the plumber in his red overalls?

7. Betelgeuse

Oh no, you’ve made a mistake! You’ve said his name three times, and now he is here to terrorize us all!

8. Princess

Extra bonus points if your dog naturally has a grumpy face!

9. Prisoner

Have you seen the prisoner walk by? She recently escaped from jail and is wearing a striped jumper and hat!

Feature Image Source: YouTube

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