A Dog Waited 800+ Days in A Shelter Before Finally Going To Her Forever Home

A Dog Waited 800+ Days in A Shelter Before Finally Going To Her Forever Home

Sweet Demi found herself under the custody of St Louis area shelter for 809 days ago. She was noted for her special needs, which probably contributed to her long wait; despite that, the 9th of March marks her jubilant day of adoption by her new parent Arland.

In spite of the millions of dogs without families across the world, stories like Demi’s and Wiggles truly show the power of patience. Much like Demi, Wiggles, a 14-year-old pup, didn’t let her wait affect her and she remained the same old sweetheart she was when she was given to 5A’s Animal Shelter at age 3.

It would be an 11-year long wait till Wiggles would be adopted. Just like Demi she had some medical hurdles which were the main reason for her first parent to let her go. As the years passed Wiggles’ photo marked the shelter’s Facebook page, but she was constantly overlooked.

When she was shown interest a mention of her benign tumor seemed to throw people off and her wait stretched out. The mention of a tumor along with her allergy problem and older age were major feats to overcome, and yet a family was so touched by her story that they made a life-changing decision.

A month before her adoption, Wiggles’ story was posted online and a family living in Lake St Louis called the shelter keen to meet the pup. One weekend together with Wiggles sealed the deal and she had a new family who didn’t mind tending to her. Indeed, it was worth the wait.

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