A Lovable Great Dane Who is a Batman Look-alike!

A Lovable Great Dane Who is a Batman Look-alike!

Enzo is a muscular 150-pound Great Dane with an imposing body and pointed ears, just like Batman.

Unlike the superhero, however, Enzo is more into hugs than the quest for criminals. His only resemblance to the Dark Knight is the way he fearlessly safeguards his family’s home in Quebec.

Enzo’s Dad Danny LeMay says:

“Most of the time, Great Danes are known as fearful dogs. They don’t like the cold and are afraid of many things. Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly, and guard the house.”

Also, far from being a lone wolf-like batman, Enzo is sociable and friendly and loves to cuddle. This has made him somewhat a celebrity and he is always surrounded by his fans.

It is not unusual to see people stop for a cuddle or to simply take pictures, and Enzo happily submits to the adoration; he does not try to avoid the attention. On the contrary, he is gracious to both animals and people who wish to play and basks in the love.

A massive dog that draws people to him, rather than repels them is undoubtedly a super dog!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram

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