Abandoned Dog Gets Adopted By The Vet Who Saved His Life

Abandoned Dog Gets Adopted By The Vet Who Saved His Life

There are over 200 million stray dogs worldwide with only a small fraction being taken in by animal shelters. The rest often live dangerous lives and are plagued with a variety of physical and mental ailments.

Travolta is a Norfolk terrier who has a rough start to his story, but when it seemed like all hope was lost, help came to his aid. Travolta’s story begins on the side of a road. An Uber driver in Kentucky came across his impaired body on the side of a road. He couldn’t stand and was in a despairing condition.

Thankfully, the driver rushed him to the Kentucky Humane Society, where he was named and quickly tended to. An analysis revealed that the poor pup was only a year old, exceedingly malnourished, and had maggots crawling all over his body. Overall, he was weak and unable to keep his head up, his body was also covered in pressure sores that were produced by his inability to change his resting position.

With all these chronic injuries and conditions marking his body, it was clear that Travolta had been suffering for weeks. What’s more is that Travolta was so close to death’s door that had he been starved for another day or two, it would have been game over. Fortunately, his story only goes up from there. Scared that he’d struggle through the night, the team at the Humane Society left Travolta under the care of Dr. Emily Bewley, who saw him through to his recovery. The compassionate doctor posted updates on Travolta’s progress, marking each caption with optimism and hope that he’d recover.

With every medicated bath and a small meal, Travolta slowly regained his health, all the while garnering a place in Dr. Bewley’s heart. His final update recorded his transformation from 14 pounds to an impressive 21.6 pounds, with no other complications.

Along with this great news, Dr. Bewley decided to give Travolta a forever home by adopting him!

Image Credit: Kentucky Humane Society

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