Abandoned Dog Tied To A Tree With A Note Finds A Second Chance To Life

Abandoned Dog Tied To A Tree With A Note Finds A Second Chance To Life

A code compliance officer from Prince George County, Virginia, was investigating an illegally dumped mattress on county property, was expecting a run-of-the-mill littering case when she came upon Zeus instead.

The black Lab and husky mixed pup was tied up to a tree in a very quiet spot in the woods. A bag of dog food was set alongside him, and a note was tacked onto his collar: a letter that would break hearts.

The note contained all of the pup’s information, from his name to his temperament, and from his state of health to his sociability. According to the handwritten missive, Zeus’ previous parent – who was the one penning the note – was no longer able to afford caring for him.

The Prince George County Animal Shelter arrived quickly on scene to take the pup in. Zeus showed signs of being a well cared for pet, but shelter staff were concerned because he had been left in such a remote part of the woods that there was a good chance that no one would have found him. He would have been safer being directly given to the shelter.

Luckily, the organization knew that Zeus’ winning personality would earn him a home quickly, especially since he was well-mannered and well-behaved. Katherine Elliott spotted a picture of the pup on Facebook and immediately fell in love with his gentle eyes. Elliott has just lost her own pup of 13 years and knew Zeus would be the perfect new pup to come into her life.

Zeus is now happy and in a forever home that will really be forever this time. He’s living his best life with a lot of space to run, three dog beds to choose from, and plenty of toys and treats!

Images & Feature Image Source: Prince George County Animal Shelter

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