Abandoned Pups Found In The Woods Are Looking For Their Forever Loving Homes

Abandoned Pups Found In The Woods Are Looking For Their Forever Loving Homes

Clover the pit bull pup and Iris the German shepherd pup are the best of friends, and they had been living together, homeless, in Fort Worth, Texas, for a long time. They were terrified of letting anyone close to them, and for weeks, they wandered alone.

That’s when founder of The Abandoned Ones (TAO), Judy Obregon, took it upon herself to rescue them. For a while, she only saw Iris, who assessed her food offerings and gauged her trustworthiness. Soon, after daily visits, Iris began to slowly trust her.

Once Iris determined that Obregon was a safe person, she went back into the forest and brought Clover out with her. It was as though she was saying, “Help us both!” The two pups had been protecting each other.

At first it seemed like these pups were a package deal, but as they spent more time in the rescue, their worlds began to expand and they would soon be able to be placed in different foster homes. The two pups happily separated without any detriment to their emotional health.

Iris would need a home that would be relaxed and calm, where she could receive more care. When she arrived at her foster home, she opened up quickly and befriended the house cat, too! She loves dancing around and being groomed and bathed. She loves being around other dogs, cats, and even children.

Clover would need a home that was filled with activity and excitement. He became close friends with all the other pets and even the kids in his foster family. Though he loves people and cats, he’s closest to other dogs and will likely do best in a home where he can befriend another pup.

For now, these two are in foster homes, but they’re ready for adoption and to find forever families! If you’re interested, you can fill out TAO’s adoption form here.

Images & Feature Image Source: The Abandoned Ones

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