Abandoned Senior Dog Gets A Second Chance To Love And Life After Being Rescued

Abandoned Senior Dog Gets A Second Chance To Love And Life After Being Rescued

When a dog gets abandoned, they are bound to a life where they have to live on scraps. But when a senior dog gets abandoned, they are even less likely to make it. And in California, a senior dog was abandoned in a trucking yard, where he had to forage for food to survive.

The security guards started feeding him, and after a while, they contacted Hope For Paws to come and rescue him. Two rescuers came to get him, and they found him asleep on a pile of branches. The guards told them the dog is deaf, which helped them a lot in their rescue operation.

One of the rescuers snuck up and placed a snare around his head without the dog even realizing what was happening. When he woke up, the dog didn’t try to run away and tried to eat the hamburger the rescuers offered him.

But he was struggling because he was missing teeth, so the rescuers broke up the hamburger into little pieces for him. They didn’t hurry to get them in their car, as so not to frighten him. They took their time gaining the dog’s trust and only left the yard when he was ready.

They took him to a veterinary clinic to be examined. He didn’t have a microchip, but the vet believes he’s about eight years old and seems to be in good health.

He wasn’t actually deaf; he just had an ear infection which they treated. The rescuers named him Mr. Rogers, and they contacted Hollywood Huskies to foster him until someone adopts him.

He is now a happy and energetic dog and really enjoys hanging out with new people. Until he finds the perfect family to adopt him, he will be well taken care of by his foster family.

Anyone interested in adopting Mr. Rogers can contact Hollywood Huskies.

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