Abducted Dog Reunites With Family 5 Years Later

Abducted Dog Reunites With Family 5 Years Later

A Texas family was devastated five years ago after someone abducted their German Shepherd, Sheba. Sheba's mom, Stephanie Malmstrom, couldn't believe her eyes when she checked the surveillance footage in her home and saw a white truck pull up, grab their dog, and speed off.

Sheba's family made several efforts to locate her, but their search turned out nothing. Soon, they started to fear that they might never see their beloved pup again. However, Sheba's mom got a text one fateful day, five years later, that changed everything.

"Sheba has been marked as found," the text read.

An animal control officer, Jared Harper, had found Sheba 600 miles away in Borger, Texas. Although he didn't know where the dog had been all these years, he suspected she must have moved around different homes before someone dumped her there.

Harper was able to track down Malmstrom thanks to Sheba's microchip. The dog's mom was relieved to learn her family dog had been found, and they arranged to fly her back to Houston.

It was a beautiful reunion when Sheba arrived back with her family. Everyone, including Sheba, was happy to be together again. To celebrate her return, Sheba's family took her for a swim and treated her to a steak dinner. 

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