Abused Dog Scared Of Humans Learns To Trust Again

Abused Dog Scared Of Humans Learns To Trust Again

Ermioni works with DAR Animal Rescue in Karditsa, Greece, and often deals with severe abuse cases. However, some cases are so terrible that they stand out more than others. An instance is the case of a one-year-old dog named Nixxi.

A young man in a village found Nixxi and called DAR Animal Rescue for help after he noticed she was cowering in some bushes. The poor pup was scared and wouldn’t allow anyone to approach her.

According to a video shared on the rescue’s YouTube page, they had to put sedatives in some food and set it out for Nixxi because rescuers couldn’t get near her. It didn’t take long for her to eat the food and fall asleep. Rescuers then took her to the vet.

At the vet, they learned Nixxi had been living with a collar painfully embedded in her neck. While they weren’t certain about what happened to her, it was obvious she had been through hell and neglect in her first year of life.

After removing the collar, rescuers focused on helping her overcome her fear of humans. It took some time, but eventually, she was ready for a new home.

A woman adopted Nixxi and renamed her Phoebe. She is living her best life now with lots of food, love, and companionship from her mom and other dog siblings.

Image Credit: YouTube

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