Abused Dog That Inspired Susie's Law Passes Away

Abused Dog That Inspired Susie's Law Passes Away

Susie, a pit bull mix, was a puppy when she suffered horrifying abuse. However, despite having a rough start in life, she became an advocate for abused dogs and had a law to punish animal abusers named after her.

Susie was 8 weeks old when she was beaten, set on fire, and left to die in a park in Greensboro, North Carolina. By the time help arrived, she had suffered third-degree burns on 60% of her body. The poor pup healed from the abuse and was adopted by Donna Lawrence and her husband, Roy.

The couple welcomed Susie into their home during Christmas in 2009. The next 13 years of their lives with her were filled with lots of fun and beautiful memories before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Back in February, Susie was diagnosed with bone cancer and was told she had weeks to live. However, thanks to her mom's steadfast love and care, she lived another 9 months.

Susie and her mom, Donna, accomplished a great feat together in 2010 when they had the Susie's Law passed to increase penalties for animal abusers in North Carolina. They also started a nonprofit organization, Susie's Hope, to be the voice of the voiceless animals. Susie's memory will live on thanks to all the life she has impacted.

Credit: Susie’s Hope

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