Abused Dogs Learn To Smile And Enjoy Life Again

Abused Dogs Learn To Smile And Enjoy Life Again

One sweet dog in Alabama was being abused by his parent, so one family member decided they had to step up and do something about it. They took him to a shelter where they hoped he would be safe.

When he arrived at the shelter, the volunteers could clearly see how mistreated he had been. He had a broken jaw and was even missing a lot of his teeth. But his demeanor was so sweet and loving, that the volunteers knew they needed to do whatever they could to get him the treatments he needed.

They reached out to an organization in Minnesota, and they agreed to help. They transported the dog, Chance, to their rescue and they scheduled surgeries for him. The procedures were a success, but he still kept his beautiful, unique smile. Unfortunately, people didn’t understand that his smile was just as beautiful as anyone else’s, if not even more beautiful, so no one offered to adopt him at first. But it was not long until a kind woman decided that Chance deserved a loving home, and she took him in.

She said that the smile that drove so many people away was exactly the reason why she fell in love with him. Plus, Chance is such a friendly and curious dog that it’s hard not to like him once you get to know him. He even acts silly at times. For example, one of his favorite things to do is dig holes. He finally has a loving family, and he will never be abused again.

Image Credit: YouTube

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