Abused German Shepherd Showing Signs of Improvements!

Abused German Shepherd Showing Signs of Improvements!

Tucker, the German shepherd who was abused and found in California, is showing signs of improvements. In the video you’re about to see, we can notice that the sores on his skin are healing and that overall, he’s coming along well!

We first reported on Tucker when he was found.

Officials called for an immediate rescue and picked Tucker up the next day. Miami-Dade Police informed that Tucker’s case will be pursued as a felony animal cruelty case.

Tucker came to the hospital suffering from inflammation in all four paws, skin that was cracked and bleeding, peridontal disease and two large open wounds on his hips, both of which are infected and will require intense wound care. – Source.

Thankfully, with a little TLC, Tucker is making progress!

Watch the video below to see the full story!

Feature Image Source: NBC

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