Abused Husky Helping Children Get Through Court Trials

Abused Husky Helping Children Get Through Court Trials

Court trials can be intimidating for children who are the subject of suspected abuse as they are often dragged through lengthy legal processes while fearing for their future.

A novel program has been established in Southern California to assist children participating in court trials, and they do so with the aid of dogs like Patriot. 

According to People, Patriot the husky arrived at the Orange County SPCA in 2012. He had already endured a great deal of maltreatment even though he was only 4 months old.

Patriot had a wire wrapped around his snout when he was less than six months old, leaving a lasting scar. A portion of his tongue was also missing due to the torture he endured as a puppy. However, despite the abuse he suffered at the hands of humans, he overcame his challenges and became a kind and loving dog.

Kevin Marlin created a program to have dogs support children going through court cases after realizing how helpful dogs were in therapy scenarios affecting children. The program is known as the PANDA Victim Assistance Program and is ran by Orange County Animal Allies.

Fourteen dogs participate in the PANDA Victim Assistance Program, including Patriot. In an interview with the People, Marlin narrated how a frightened young girl was able to give her testimony in court with Patriot's help. "She didn't want to leave Patriot that day when she was finished." Kevin said.

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