Adopting A Retired Greyhound? Therapist Provides Psychology Tips

Adopting A Retired Greyhound? Therapist Provides Psychology Tips

Millie the Greyhound used to be a racing dog – a painful job. However, in 2018, she finally retired. Now she’s enjoying her newfound freedom and her dad Taylor, who calls Millie “The Noodle Horse” because of her proportions.

Both of them have gained popularity. Taylor talks about the behaviors of her pup and, leaning on his psychology background, explains everything about them. He has always been fascinated by psychology and it has always played a big role in his career.

Taylor explains that he knew a bit about dog psychology, but when he took Millie in he had to dive much deeper into it. She had separation and social anxiety which forced her dad to do a lot of research for him to understand her better. This is why this dog dad made a series of videos on TikTok through which he shared his newfound knowledge.

How Dogs Sleep Can Tell You How They Feel

Doughnut, crazy legs, cuddle bug… Each of these positions can tell you something about how your pup feels. They can tell you whether they’re too hot or cool and if they feel comfortable or anxious.

Dogs Think More Than We Know About Where to Poop

Your pups look toward you while pooping because they trust you to keep them safe. However, you may not be aware that they also consider the scents around them and the magnetic field of the Earth.

Maybe next time when your pup is taking a while to do what they have to do, you should take out a compass – more often than not, they will be aligned to the North/South axis.

The Internet and All the Myths

The Internet is not the most reliable source of information. This is why when you are not entirely certain why your pup is doing something, it is a better idea to talk to a specialist instead of going to google first.

If you want to learn more about your puppy companions and their psychology, follow Millie on TikTok and Instagram.

Image Credit: TikTok / Jernej Furman

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